Monday, October 09, 2006

This is Barb Foree giving praise because Jack made it here through the California traffic. Actually, I was trying to get a good picture of Colleen, jest's lovely wife, and our hostess of the day. Barb just had to stick her hand up (BG). These pictures are NOT in order, and were taken with 2 different cameras. Just keep scrolling and you'll get them all eventually. Don't forget you can click on them to make them larger if you want.
We arrived by cars, trucks, a bicycle, motorcycles, and even a Harley! Now's the time to thank Jest for opening up his house and grounds to us, to tc for the planning and food preparation, for Don VSP for hauling around and giving a tour of the Bay Area to our Guests of Honor, Howard and Rosie from New Zealand! This took place on 10/7/06. A good time was had by all!
Tiny, Barb, Jack, John(his back) Brian, Jest, and Howard (nitelite). Jest has had some health issues, and wasn't able to eat or drink much, but he's all fine now and on the road to recovery! We all give our hearty thanks to him for opening up his lovely home to a bunch of scruffy VROC people! Well, at least the guys are sort of scruffy, the ladies are just fine!
Barb and Rosie. Rose just spent 18 hours in an airplane, then spent an evening on the town with Don VSP and Howard, then a LONG trip to Stockton and back for more City sights! And she still looks GREAT! Amazing ladies they have in New Zealand! Of course, Barb always looks good.............no surprises there.
The upper deck over the pool. We never migrated up this far . Check the waterfall coming out of the Hot Tub.
Jack and Barb, Rosie and Howard, in the Sponge grass. Nice lawn, jest!
The parking lot in jest's drive way. I think it turned out about half and half, bikes and 4 wheelers. I brought the truck so I could take home the stock parts from the Wing I bought from jest. It would have been perfect weather for a ride down, but worked well since I brought Pat down and dropped her off to visit her mother while we were having fun!
We were sitting on the lawn, and Rosie said "this feels like "sponge" grass" Now, that doesn't sound very funny, but when it comes from Rosie with the New Zealand accent, it cracked us all up!
It's hard to get a picture of Barb without a smile on her face. Usually we always manage to get a few "goofy" pics of her, but now that she's younger, she's not doing so many "goofy" things:-)
tc took it on himselt to be in charge of the food, and a fine job he did!
California certainly has some nice fresh groceries! They didn't taste like "hot house" stuff either.
Barb is having "cardboard burgers". A vegetarian on a diet is a hard route to go..but, it's sure working for her. She get younger every time I see her!
Jack, Jazz and Don. Looks like Jack and Don are playing some kind of hand game. Jazz looks on.
Tiny rolled in on his pink 1600. Sure fits him better than the 750 he used to ride. Good seeing you again Tiny!
Bill "Cranky" Snodgrass. He rode his bicycle over 12 miles up and down hills to get here, and it was in the high 70's. He's a tough old coot! And a nice guy to have around.
Larry hasn't been out much this year. He bought a home up in Salem, Oregon, and will moving when his California house sells. It will be good to have him for a neighbor (even if it is over 200 miles to Salem for me) He's now riding a very nice looking RK, whatever that is.
Our Guest of Honor. At least half of the Guests of honor. Howard, Jazzman, all the way from New Zealand!
Brian is Howard "nitelite"'s son. A fine young man, and a good bike rider. He's good with directions too!
The "Steelman". He was the only one brave enough to bring his family. Glad he did too. It was nice seeing him again, a HSVROC regular.
This is Dan Radigan, a local VROC'er. He came in on a nice yellow V-Strom. Maybe when he grows up, he'll be riding a Kawasaki or something .................... With a name like that, and his nice personality, not to mention all the thick hair, he's probably bound for a career in politics!
Howard (nitelite) was a good leader, he got me to the party and we only got sort of lost once! He's a number 1 good guy!
Tawnya, Barb, and Rosie sit and giggle!
The two boys belone to Steelman the pretty girl is jest's daughter. They are enjoying the pool. None of the adults got in.
Don is finishing his dinner I think :-). He sure went all out to make our Guests of honor welcome, and, he's a great tour guide!
If you keep going down Van Ness you'll run right into Fisherman's Wharf. You can't tell, but that's water you see at the end of the street..San Francisco Bay.
Sailors off one of the ships that just came into port. Do they ever look young! And have service ribbons, they probably just came in from the Persion Gulf. I remember being in this City when I was about their age..sure a lot of water under the old hull since then!
Lots of bars and restaurants here in the down town area. And, this really isn't what you'd call down town.
Even the City has places to make you purty! It's for women only, that could be a problem in San Francisco!
We grow a lot of Filberts up in this part of the country..I think this may have been named after a different nut....
One of the MANY Casino's in Northern California. All Native owned I think.
Another mirror picture. If you go to the top of Lombard here, you can look down the very curvy street to the Waterfront.
Traffic in my rear view mirror.....there's no fast way to get on the approach to the Golden Gate Bridge heading out of town! Most lights took 2 or 3 series of greens before you get through.
Leaving the city. It took a full hour to get through San Francisco. Now going into Marin County, and on up to Lake County and the Wilderness area just south of Clear Lake. Over Calistoga Pass in the dark will be fun. Suppose to be a full moon tonight, that will help.
The corner of Bush and Van Ness. I may have taken this with both cameras, sorry if it's a duplicate, but too late to change now ....
This is jest's outdoor kitchen..The guy leaning on the bar is Mister Mystery Man It is getting close to Halloween...hmmmmm, Casper?
There is a huge "flat top" aircraft carrier, at least one destroyer, and several escorts coming under the bridge. This side has been closed to pedestrains for a few weeks due to some construction, but they opened it up today so people could walk on both sides to see the ships.
First vision of San Francisco Bay and the bridge. We're nearing the approach and digging out the 5 bucks it costs to cross it now. I used to pay a quarter years ago...things change.
Just a few miles north of "The City", approaching the Golden Gate. Nitelite and his son Brian are leading the way. Brian just bought the 800 this last Spring, he's developed into a fine rider.
Jack and tc's cousin. Because of my distorted retina's I made a picture that looks straight to me!
We're just off the Golden Gate, heading into The City of San Francisco, on 19th Street.
The traffic on 19th street is light and fast this morning. This goes near Golden Gate Park and the University District, but it's still early and the crowds aren't out yet. Night Lite and Brian have been real good about keeping me in their rear view mirrow! They know how lost I can get. I'm familiar with this area though, so it wasn't bad getting there.
What a fitting license plate! NO ONE would believe this of Howard He can stir things up, but we all love him!
A nice, sut slightly hazy morning doing down Highway 280 South of San Francisco. Very light traffic on this Saturday morning. It sure got worse later!
Almost to jest's neighborhood! We go just a little dislocated for awhile, but due to my MAP and Brian's excellent instructions, we managed to find the right street.
Part of jest's pool the water fall and upper sitting area. It looks like real sand in the shallow area..It is..but it's in there with something to keep it from moving around. He did have a "robot" filter and bottom cleaner that was continually working around on the bottom, fun to watch.
Brian Sublow, Nite Lite's son. What a great shirt! Brian is a fine young man, I think he stays in his "Happy Place" a lot! That's very good....

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Jest looks on and enjoys the company. He's had some health issues lately, we're all glad he's back on the road to recovery! He's always been very generous to share his home with VROC people.
John, Nite Lite, Cranky and Tiny. John left early, he snuck out before I could get many pictures of him
This is the porch off jest's office. He has his own regulation size putting green..among other goodies.....
Jest's nice new 900 LT. He has a Corbin seat with a warmer in it, lots of other goodies and a cute little trunk! Also a new Lexus. Jest has good taste!